The only SaaS infrastructure to bring together beacon fleet management with a robust workflow/event management engine, smart algorithms to turn raw data into actionable insights, custom policies and ease of integration.


Minimal hardware: Using BLE devices (considering over a billion Bluetooth devices were sold last year) allows us to drive down the cost while still being able to deliver amazing on-chip capabilities. Our solution requires minimal hardware (BLE sensors and Bluetooth/WiFi gateways) saving enterprises the costs involved in the expensive infrastructure setup of antennas, servers, cable, etc. As a cloud-based solution, we do not require server configuration and can get the data to the cloud using existing WiFi.


The Workplace Optimisation solution is built on our cloud-based platform for Real-Time Location Solutions (RTLS) and analytics. The solution provides occupancy levels across various workplaces with historical insights into top utilized areas, along with information into the current occupancy rate. 


Sometimes it isn’t necessary to track an asset at all times but to understand whether an asset is in a specific location or not. In such a case, instead of using RTLS which tracks assets in real-time throughout a facility, We recommend Proximity Location System [PLS] or Zone-Based RTLS solution. PLS is a basic version of RTLS and allows users to set real-time alerts when a specific asset (equipment or person) enters or exits a specified area or comes in close proximity to a specified area.


Many manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities focus on condition monitoring or predictive maintenance solutions for the larger motors, drives and gear boxes but fail to take into consideration mission-critical equipment like smaller motors, bearings, rollers, conveyors, water pumps, etc. Our Advanced Condition Monitoring uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to predict failure on any motor or mechanical equipment, weeks or months before the failure happens.