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Radio Frequency Identification Library Smart Solution Offering

UHF Passive RFID

We have a range of UHF RFID Readers in different formats both Mobile and Fixed. These have been fully integrated into the library solutions giving you flexibility and options to fit your budget. All devices have been ICASA approved and are backed up with 1 year warranty that can be extended to 3 years giving you complete peach of mind. 

Mobile – Receive Books

Seamlessly receive books linked against Suppliers and Invoices with full traceability and accountability.

Mobile – Associate Tags

Easily assign ISBN Numbers to RFID tags getting the books ready for the next phase faster and more efficiently.

Mobile – Update Status

Update the status of books as they move through different stages of the project and keep the teams engaged and ready to improve productive and speedup deployment. 

Mobile – Verify Status 

Verify and confirm information at any point by simply scan the RFID tag and get information around the item to ensure correctness.

Mobile – Dispatch

No more guessing with manual record keeping. Get complete visibility of Books dispatched at any point.

Mobile – Receive

Complete the cycle by receiving the books and updating the system to determine availability and redeployment requirements.

Mobile – Deployment

Fast deployment in the library environment is key to improve utilisation and making sure material are available for consumers. Make it happen with UHF RFID.

Mobile – Utilization 

Smart information is key to determine current and future requirements and to improve not only utilisation internally but externally.  

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